8 Reason Why Your HP Printer Not Printing

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It appears to constantly occur at the most exceedingly terrible time. It is earnest that you print a report rapidly. You click the "Print" button yet nothing occurs. There are numerous things that can turn out badly while utilizing HP printer Support. Nonetheless, the vast majority of these issues can be fixed rapidly.

The following are eight justifications for why your HP printer may not be printing.

No power

On the off chance that the printer isn't getting sufficient power, it could quit working. Ensure the power link is safely associated with your printer as well concerning the power source. Check that the flood defender has been turned on assuming the printer link is associated with a flood defender. Take a stab at connecting the printer to one more power source assuming it is connected to a divider attachment.

No Computer Connection:-

Some of the time, a HP printer won't print because of an awful association. Assuming you are utilizing a wired arrangement, guarantee that the two closures of the printer link are safely joined. Assuming this falls flat, you can attempt another USB port on your PC (expecting that the printer link is being utilized).

Affirm that your switch is on assuming you have a remote arrangement. Confirm that the printer and PC are associated with the right organization. Assuming you have a Bluetooth arrangement, ensure that the Bluetooth include is on. Then, at that point, attempt to find the printer once more. Have a go at moving the printer and PC closer together in the event that it isn't found.

Printing To The Wrong Printer

Regardless of whether your printer is one, there are reasonable numerous different choices. Across the board printers, which can be utilized to print, duplicate, sweep, and fax, incorporates a fax choice. Projects, for example, Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft OneNote additionally have a printer choice. In the event that your record doesn't print, guarantee that it is shipped off the right printer.

Print Job Stuck In The Print Queue

The working arrangement of your PC utilizes a print line (or print tasks) to oversee reports you ship off it. A print occupation can stall out in the line on the off chance that it has an issue. Each report that you endeavor to print a short time later won't print.


You can get your archives printed again by erasing the dangerous print work. Double tap the Printer symbol in System Tray (Windows), or snap the Printer symbol in Dock (Mac) to get to the print line. You can drop or erase all archives in the printer line, then print your report once more. Once in a while printer occupations are unrealistic to eliminate thusly. In such cases, your IT specialist co-op may have to erase them.

Windows Only: "Use HP Printer Offline" Enabled

Windows OS gives a choice to "Use HP Printer Offline". This choice can be empowered assuming your printer is disconnected. It will save the archives that you ship off the printer in the print line. These archives will print naturally when your printer returns on the web. Windows ought to then debilitate the "Utilization Printer Offline" choice. In any case, it at times doesn't work out. This choice is some of the time empowered by Windows for reasons unknown. Printing position will stop regardless.

Open the printer line to guarantee that the "Utilization Printer Offline" choice is impaired. In the event that you don't have a printer symbol on the System Tray you can open the printer line by entering "gadgets", clicking "Gadgets and Printers" in query items, and afterward right-clicking your printer and picking "See what's Printing". Click "Printer" at the upper left corner of the printer line. Clear the checkbox close to the choice "Use Printer Offline".

Driver For Corrupted Printer

A driver should be introduced on your PC for a printer's to work. The printer driver transfers data from the working framework to the printer. It is feasible for it to become ruined, particularly on the off chance that the driver isn't state-of-the-art.

Other than not imprinting now and again and different signs that a bad HP printer driver is working; these are a portion of the markers:

  • Windows can't perceive the printer.
  • The process can't be rushed for the printer to turn on.
  • The printer prints sporadic positions.
  • The printer can make blunders.

Following the previously mentioned advances will set up your HP remote printer. On the off chance that you face any issues, go ahead and connect with us for HP Printer Technical Support  or dial our help number 1-800-673-8163

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