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Soft Ferrite is a ferromagnetic oxide with Fe2O3 as the main component, which is produced by powder metallurgy method. There are Mn-Zn, Cu-Zn, Ni-Zn, etc. Among them, the output and consumption of Mn-Zn Ferrite is the largest, and the resistivity of Mn-Zn Ferrite is low, ranging from 1 ~ 10 ohm/m, which is generally used at frequencies below 100kHZ. Cu-Zn and Ni-Zn Ferrites have a resistivity of 102 ~ 104 ohm/m and a low loss in the radio frequency range of 100KHz ~ 10 MHZ. They are commonly used in radio antenna coils and radio intermediate frequency transformers.
There are a variety of magnetic core shapes, such as E, I, U, EC, ETD, square (RM, EP, PQ), tank shape (PC, RS, DS) and circle. Because Soft Ferrite can obtain high permeability without using scarce materials such as nickel, powder metallurgy method is suitable for mass production, the cost is low. And because the sintered material is hard and not sensitive to stress, it is very convenient in application. Moreover, the permeability has a stable characteristic with frequency variation, which basically remains unchanged below 150kHz. With the appearance of Soft Ferrite, the production of magnetic powder core was greatly reduced, and many places where the magnetic powder core was used were replaced by Soft Ferrite.
1. High saturation magnetic flux density and half power loss compared to NB銉籒H series. Suitable for high voltage transformer or transformer of DC/DC converter
2. High saturation magnetic flux density. Suitable for power application
3. Outstanding thermal shock resistance with the same performance as NB series.
4. High permeability in Ni-Zn materials
5. Small performance change against compressive stress, and less influence by magnetic field. Suitable for resin molded components.Buy Soft Ferrite