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Ford Blue Tinted Glass has the characteristics of thermal insulation and energy saving;
It can selectively absorb visible light and reduce the reflected light of glass;
It can efficiently absorb ultraviolet rays to protect indoor items from fading;
Bright and durable colors of Ford Blue Tinted Glass provide a beautiful appearance to the building.
Colors: Light Blue, Lake Blue, Dark Blue, Royal Blue, Ocean Blue etc. Other color can be customized, just contact us!
Minimum size:2000mmx1500mm
Maximum size:3660mmx2440mm
Packaging Details
1) Ford Blue Tinted Glass was packaged in containers or wooden cases and the package are filled with a soft material.
2) With film on the glass surface to well avoid the dirty and the scratch.
3) 10 pcs per bundle packaged by Kraft paper.
How can I get the best price?
In order to offer our best price for you, please send all the details as below for us:
1) what size and thickness Ford Blue Tinted Glass are you looking for?
2) How about the approximate quantity?
3) Do you have any special requirement like drill holes, cut notches, cutouts, acid etched, silkscreen?
4) When do you need those glass?
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More than five years鈥?experience on glass manufacturing, processing and exporting.
We are glass manufacturers, competitive price, strict quality control, timely delivery.
Full range of flat glass supply, offering one-stop purchase service.
Professional sales team, offering personalized and dedicated service.
If you need Ford Blue tinted glass, Ford Blue tempered glass, Ford Blue laminated glass, just contact us!TINTED FLOAT GLASS manufacturers