Must-Visit Places for Fragrance Lovers

If you consider yourself a true fragrance lover, these are places and experiences you will not want to forget in your life.

Traveling to France is a must for a Fragrance lover. Paris has been home to perfumes for years, it is still the place that gives us legendary perfumes like Chanel No.5. And it's still a romantic city that is home to some of the world's best perfumes.


Historic Fragonard factory
Fragonard History Factory is located in Grasse, France and is one of the oldest perfume factories. As you walk through the factory rooms, you will be overwhelmed by the nostalgia and beauty of the building, as you will feel the excitement of the many perfumes and scents that grow in each area of ​​the factory. Founded in 1782, Fragonard Factory offers perfume lovers a unique opportunity to see how perfume is made. Here you can see for yourself how perfumes make up ingredients from beautiful, strong and complex scents.

The museum documents more than 3,000 years of perfume history and exhibits bottles used from ancient Egypt. Each year, the master perfumer chooses a different flower and honors the flower with its scents. When you're there, don't forget to schedule a workshop to create your personal scent. International Museum of Perfumes and Gardens
For perfume lovers who are interested in the history of the perfume itself, the International Perfume Museum is a place to visit. This place maintains a history of perfumes dating back to ancient civilization. When walking through the halls, it is difficult not to feel the roller coaster of emotions caused by the perfumes themselves.

When you're in the area, don't miss the opportunity to walk into a real plant conservatory, where you'll find five acres of plants and flowers that are only used to make perfumes. Experience the origin of scents in their raw ingredients as you imagine creating your own scents as you walk through the flower paths. Molinard's house
The history of perfume production is very interesting. While walking through Molinard Maison, you will experience how the daily functioning of the perfume house has developed since 1879. You will see a production line, and if you have enough knowledge and book a workshop for your visit, you can leave with your own scent.

Galimard Factory and Museum
Galimard Perfume House has been located in Grasse, France since 1747. It is one of the most traditional, yet modern factories, located right in the center of the perfume capital. Not only does it boast of its unique antique production facilities, but you can also tell about perfumes the process that was used to make beautiful perfumes.

The visit will take you to their perfume laboratory, where you will discover the origin of perfumes, a romantic explanation of the extraction method that perfumes use to produce raw materials, flowers, wood scents and herbs into attractive scents.

Domaine de Manon
Check the birth of the perfume and its lower components. Le Domaine de Manon was formerly an aromatic plant farm that has provided aromatic and evocative aromatic plants since 1903. If you visit May, you will see centifolia roses in full bloom, the scent you will experience when you approach the place is indescribable. . From August to October, jasmine blooms every night between the mountains. Go there and experience how thousands of white evening jasmine flowers begin to bloom and illuminate the field, it's amazing, almost like a starry sky at your fingertips.

L'Occitane in Provence
Right in the heart of Manosque, France, is a beautiful factory that produces thousands of perfumes, soaps and lotions shipped around the world to strengthen our senses. The world of L'Occitane and Provence is full of invigorating scents from all corners of this beautiful establishment.

Once there, you can visit the factory and find out how L'Occitane products are made. It was a truly sensual experience you will never forget. You will get to the company's history museum since 1976, where you can also see where the inspiration for the great perfume trends began and how the perfume production process has evolved over the decades.

When you are there, you do not want to forget the garden. Awaken your senses as you stroll through the Mediterranean garden, where they grow species, natural treasures that enrich their products.

If there is one travel destination for perfume lovers, France is the capital of all perfumes. You should plan a visit to romantic, breathtaking France to enjoy a sensory experience that will awaken your senses in an odorless way like never before.


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