deep draw stamping

According to the function characteristics of the die casting parts of die casting mould of basic parts can be divided into two categories, category for forming zero

According to the function characteristics of the die casting parts of die casting mould of basic parts can be divided into two categories, category for forming zero, another for structure parts. Forming parts is the core part of the die-casting die, its structure is based on the shape of the die casting and machining process. Alloy die casting process, direct contact with the hot metal forming parts, liquid metal under high pressure, high speed impact and friction, easy to wear, deformation and crack, resulting in titanium machining parts destruction of formed parts. Die casting dies designed, therefore, must make the pledge that we shall meet the requirements of die casting, considering the service life of die mold, design the structure of formed parts reasonably, accurate calculation of the size and tolerance of the formed parts, and ensure the forming parts with good strength, stiffness, toughness and surface quality. In structure form, the formed parts can be divided into two categories, integral and insert or spell.
Alloy die-casting die structure parts including steering mechanism of component parts, templates, and related supporting and fixed parts, etc. Through structure parts will launch mechanism, gating system, forming parts, side core-pulling mechanism and mold cooling and heating system according to the design requirements, such as combination and fixed, making it the mold and can be installed on the die casting machine for production.
Alloy die-casting mold temperature is an important factor affecting the quality of forming die casting, die casting mold temperature in production is made by heating and cooling system to control and regulate. Heating and cooling, have deep draw stamping different ways should be combined with the specific requirements for design. Alloy has good stiffness and damping, under the impact load can absorb large impact energy, so alloy parts can make strong turbulence and absorb vibration effect. Cast at low temperature (196 ℃) still has good power performance, therefore, can make work under low temperature of the parts.
Alloy in die casting, and the affinity of iron is small, less sticky mold phenomenon, die life is alloy. Die casting without annealing and eliminating stress size stability. Under the condition of the load, but also has good creep strength, especially manufacturing automobile engine parts and small engine parts. Alloy has good impact resistance and compression resistance, can produce good impact strength and compression strength.
Alloy die casting with good cutting performance, with alloy cutting power to 1, 1.3, brass is 2.3, cast iron is 3.5, the carbon steel is 6.3, nickel alloy to 10. When processing, can don't need to add coolant and lubricant. Alloy also has high heat conductivity, non-toxic, nonmagnetic, not easily broken, etc. Standard electrode potential is low, and its surface oxidation film is not dense, and therefore have relatively low corrosion resistance, therefore, that often require surface oxidation treatment metal stamping parts and paint protection. Flammable, fluid caused by the dramatic role under the influence of water, and dust Spontaneous combustion. Therefore, in the alloy in the production of each link all should have special safety protection measures.
According to the principle of fluid mechanics, the liquid metal in the movement of horizontal cold chamber die casting machine pressure chamber of some theoretical analysis and calculation, the analysis on the basis of horizontal cold chamber die casting machine punch slow injection process is accelerated motion and the combination of uniform motion, group Results directly affect the quality of die casting. Liquid metal in the amount of air pressure chamber to get involved in, and slow injection acceleration, the slow injection speed, starting with degrees, diameter of pressure chamber, and there is a critical slow shot velocity and acceleration in the rate Degrees and acceleration under the can make the volume of air quantity minimum, casting porosity is minimal.


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