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Alloy is a metal, alloy to light metal structure material, pure density of 1.74 g/cm, alloy density is 1.75 ~ 1.90 g/cm only about 25% of the cast iron, alloy of about 64%, so it has high specific strength,

Alloy is a metal, alloy to light metal structure material, pure density of 1.74 g/cm, alloy density is 1.75 ~ 1.90 g/cm only about 25% of the cast iron, alloy of about 64%, so it has high specific strength, the tensile strength and density than 14 ~ 16, 2 in casting material after casting titanium alloy and high strength structural steel. Alloy is the lightest structure car radiator cap material, the density is 1.75 ~ 1.90 g/cm, is conducive to realizing the light products with resources advantages, is one of the most abundant reserves on earth light metal elements, because of its good performance, has been hailed as a "green engineering materials in the 21st century".
The rounded's role is to help the flow of metal, reduce the eddy current or turbulence; Avoid to some parts with rounded corners on the stress concentration caused by cracking; When parts are to be electroplated or coated, rounded corners can obtain uniform coating, prevent Angle deposition; Can prolong the service life of die mold, not collapse caused by the existence of the mold cavity Angle and Angle or cracking. The rounded can make the liquid metal flows smoothly, improve the filling resistance, gas easy eduction. At the same time, to avoid stress concentration caused by crack Angle Grain defects. Especially need plating alloy die casting processing, rounded to ensure its good plating effect is very necessary.
As a rapidly emerging engineering metal materials, maintain rapid growth at a rate of about 15% each year. Thanks to China's automotive industry and 3 c industry transformation and upgrading, alloy industry market development. The Magnetic Drain Plug automotive lightweighting, environmental protection requirements, especially the development of new energy vehicles, as well as alloy research and development technology and recycling technology advances, prompting alloy die casting is widely used, 80% of whom are the application of auto industry. At the same time, the alloy in the application of medicine and chemical industry and aerospace industry is expanding.
Alloy die casting of the advantages of the lightest metal structure material, can meet the requirements of light, thin, integration of the product. Have good energy absorption and vibration absorption characteristics, has brought the comfort in the process of product use. (3) good electromagnetic shielding, can improve the anti radiation, safety electronic products. Good rigidity and impact resistance. Good ductility, easy forming, bring the flexibility of product design and product class. Easy to mechanical processing. 100% renewable.
Application field of alloy die casting design alloy die casting, should be left in the structure slope structure, structural slope is not in need of, must have the stripping process Angle. The direction of the slope, must be consistent with castings parting direction. Description: the slope of the casting size deviation, not included in the dimensional tolerance values. Value in the table is only the depth of the cavity or core height 50 mm or less, the surface roughness in Ra0.1, big end and small end of the size of the single difference, the minimum value of 0.03 mm. When the depth or height 50 mm, or when the surface roughness than Ra0.1, the draft can be appropriately increased.
Slope effect is to reduce the friction between the casting and the mold cavity, easy to remove the casting; Ensure that the casting surface do not strain; Prolong the service life of die mold, general minimum casting alloy alloy die casting Angle is as follows: in order to smooth demoulding, reduce the launch force, the core pulling force, reduce the loss of the mould in the design of the die casting alloy, should have as large as possible in the structure of the slope. Reducing alloy die casting and mould friction, easy to remove the casting, also DIN screw plug make the casting surface not a tear, guarantee the smooth surface. Reinforcing rib setting can increase the strength and rigidity of the parts, and improved the technology of die casting. But must pay attention to: more uniform symmetric distribution; Connected to the casting of the root to have rounded corners; To avoid more muscle cross; Reinforcement should not be wider than its connected to the thickness of the wall. When the wall thickness is less than 1.5 mm, unfavorable use stiffener; Reinforcement of the draft should be greater than allowed by the foundry casting lumen slope.


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