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Connector shell alloy die-casting production, can be embedded and other metal or nonmetal materials in order to improve the local strength of die casting parts

Connector shell alloy die-casting production, can be embedded and other metal or nonmetal materials in order to improve the local strength of die casting parts, meet some special requirements (such as abrasion resistance, insulation, conductivity, etc.), and improve the technology of casting structure. Die casting can get complicated shape, high precision, stable size, interchangeability die casting parts performance, therefore, save energy consumption. Good parts, to be set casting, replace some parts assembly and simplify the manufacturing process, improve the work of die casting
The characteristics of the alloy die casting technology:
1) because the liquid metal filling speed, gas in the cavity is difficult to completely ruled out, often reserved in the form of porosity in the castings. Therefore, cannot be generally die casting, heat treatment is unfavorable also work under high temperature conditions. This is due to the heating temperature is high, the expansion of gases inside the pores, causing the bulge on the surface of the die casting, affect the quality and appearance. Also, don't want to do mechanical processing, in order to avoid the casting surface porosity.
2) limits on die casting alloy categories and brands. Currently only applies to mold material,, alloy die casting. For black metal, due to its high melting point, short service life of die mold, hence black metal die-casting now difficult to applied in actual production. But in recent years, the new technology of semi-solid metal casting is studying experiment, will open new ways of Investment casting parts black metal die-casting. As for a particular alloy categories, only several brands can make die casting, this is due to the die casting chilling, produce severe contraction, molding filling conditions, etc.
3) alloy die casting production preparation cost is relatively high. This is owing to the high cost of die casting machine, die mold processing cycle is long, the cost is high. Such as the domestic general small die-casting machine, about 100000 ~ 120000 yuan/set, imports of about 100000 ~ $200000 / sets. General die mold manufacturing expense 20000 ~ 100000 yuan /, imported mould price is more expensive. Die casting machine production efficiency is high, so the die casting is only applicable to mass production.
Applications: alloy die casting and die casting die casting is modern metal processing technology developing rapidly in an efficient, less cutting metal forming precision casting method. Compared with other casting method, due to the die casting production concentration due to the lack of short process flow, process simple, don't need to work more equipment and large venues, casting quality, high precision and the surface is bright and clean degree good, can omit a lot of machining Wang Xu, equipment and king, metal craft production rate is die casting parts high, save energy and raw material advantages, so the die casting is a kind of "good, fast, high economic benefit of foundry method. This technique has been widely used in all walks of life of the national economy, such as weapons, automobile and motorcycle parts, aerospace products, as well as electrical instruments, radio communications. TV, computer, agriculture machines, washing machines, refrigerators, medical apparatus and instruments, clocks and watches, cameras, building decoration and daily hardware parts production of various kinds of products. Some die casting parts of the production now only a few g. biggest alloy casting weight 50 kg, the largest diameter of up to 2 m. The shape of the die casting parts are diverse.


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